Sunday 19 December 2010

From Andrew Jennings, reporter of BBC Panorama on FIFA programme <>

The BBC Panorama FIFA’s Dirty Secrets took us away for several months but we’re back, uploading Seasonal presents for our loyal supporters.
There’s the film for those who missed it, the script, more disclosures, conspiracy theories, serious academic analysis of what’s gone wrong in Sepp Blatter’s world of kickbacks, another appearance by the con artist formerly known as ‘Sniff,’ (think about it!) an invitation to download a story nasty lawyers are trying to kill . . . and some laughs.
Come back in a few days to check out an armful of documents that Herr Blatter wants suppressed, the emails that prove to anybody (except Blatter and his cowardly ‘Ethics Committee’) that Jack Warner was back in the World Cup tickets rackets this year and more evidence of how FIFA cheats fans.
Season’s Greetings and gifts for everybody at . . . <>